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Happy Pumpkin Day!

31 Oct

For the past week I’ve been trying to remember the last year I went trick-or-treating, but I can’t. I know that I was in high school; I’ve always looked young for my age, so I didn’t feel awkward trick-or-treating through some of the more questionable years. I’m sure that during the last year I didn’t think it was anything special, that it would just be a new costume and the same candy in twelve short months, but suddenly no one was trick-or-treating anymore. They were going to parties, and I was handing out boxes of raisins to the next generation, resentfully eyeing pillowcases full of fun size Butterfingers and tubes of mini-M&Ms.
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Two recipes, two very different lifestyles.

3 Oct

This post is a bit long, not because I have time to write a long post (I absolutely don’t), but because I’ve had a bit of a crazy week, particularly in the food department. Also, PICTURES.
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The Chronicles of Moseley

12 Sep

Prior to beginning my doctoral program, I had numerous ideas about what graduate school should be like. Many of them centered around heeled oxfords, high-waisted skirts, and a Dr. Spencer Reid-esque brown leather satchel. A few involved dropping out before my qualifiers, running away and starting a farm. All of them included adopting a cat. In terms of transferring these ideas to reality, the cat is as far as I’ve gotten.
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