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14 Nov

My life is completely insane at the moment, so rather than a long rambling post which my imaginary readers likely skip over in favor of food porn, you get a slightly shorter anecdote to skip over in favor of food porn. Hey, look—waffles!
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Happy Pumpkin Day!

31 Oct

For the past week I’ve been trying to remember the last year I went trick-or-treating, but I can’t. I know that I was in high school; I’ve always looked young for my age, so I didn’t feel awkward trick-or-treating through some of the more questionable years. I’m sure that during the last year I didn’t think it was anything special, that it would just be a new costume and the same candy in twelve short months, but suddenly no one was trick-or-treating anymore. They were going to parties, and I was handing out boxes of raisins to the next generation, resentfully eyeing pillowcases full of fun size Butterfingers and tubes of mini-M&Ms.
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Two recipes, two very different lifestyles.

3 Oct

This post is a bit long, not because I have time to write a long post (I absolutely don’t), but because I’ve had a bit of a crazy week, particularly in the food department. Also, PICTURES.
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I need a hobby.

19 Sep

More specifically, I need a hobby that doesn’t involve creaming butter and sugar. Or shopping on the internet. I bought myself an exercise ball a few weeks ago, figuring I can use it to get in shape (in my apartment! while watching television!). Unfortunately my non-declawed cat’s interest in it exceeded my own, and it was swiftly relegated to the closet. Exercising is just one of a long list of activities that I give up on before I can improve, and usually because I feel like I’m not good enough. It happened with knitting, playing the mandolin, learning Japanese, and writing anything that doesn’t begin with an abstract and end with references.

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